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Hello there, I'm new on here...kinda

Hiya! What's up everyone? I've not been here on livejournal since February sometime...I'll be updating here soon hahaha. Anyway...yea so, my name is Jasmine, I'm a lifer at MVS. I'll be a senior this year with the class of 2005. I saw this group on Aubrey's list and figured I would check it out. You all don't post too much huh? Well anyway...if any of you want to talk or need to vent or whatever may be the case, my yahoo IM is BeYouTeeFullDisaster and my Aim is FaerieDust12387, or DyingInConfusion. Feel free to message me any time. If I'm not around, I'll get back to you. Yea's 7:00 am and I've yet to go to bed. Byebyez.
<3 Jasmine
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