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Hey there kids!
Just started this journal on a whim... Saw how many mvs-ers there are out there, thought perhaps we could gather and tell funny stories and laugh and play dress up or whatever the hell you want to do.
By the way, this is Kristin Mann, class o' 2003 (hope to God some of you remember me).
If any of you want to play around with the setup of this journal (I'll be doing so as well), IM me at AquaFate and I'll give you the password and you can go to town! If you have any icons, send them to me at aquafate@aol.com, I'll upload.
Hope all's a-ok and the school hasn't burned down. Or at least you kids are alive and well.


PS. If you know anyone else that would like to join, invite away!
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k !! i miss you!!! oh we have to put up the bahamas thing here... even the mvs tree... CONNECTION if we still have it :)
You're so right!!
Join join join!!! We'll have so much fun..
I'm such a dork. I spent like, two hours making this this morning... BUT IT'S SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to post away!


best community ever.
Damn straight! Help me add and make look good!
yes kristin, i will help make look good.
Damn straight.
I knew what I was saying.
I smart now in college!

is it sad that i have no idea who is in this community so far except for you? and myself of course. but seriously, its sad. who are all of you!?!?!?
I am jonathan... hum.. still no?
stephanie and merrilee's little brother.. ya.
u proly got it now... sad isnt it
yes ive got it now. yes it is sad.
do you know who i am? i wouldnt.
at random.. no i couldnt guess who you are.
But let's try
throw me a few hints
I take it back.. im guessing..
Sarah Woodyard?
si? no?
welllll, the first name is close... ok youre really only off by one letter. and im friends with sarah woodyard, but i graduated a year before her.
DAMMIT... ok.. i can do this... hold on give me 5
dang there are 4 of you that isnt fair... ok
sara Rausch?
haha, yeah you got it.
freshman, Ben Rausch... relation...??
yep, little brother.
hola chicas***
sounds like a plan...
i feel right @ home...